Health technical memoranda

This series brings together all documents relating to Health technical memoranda.

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Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) give comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare.

The focus of Health Technical Memorandum guidance remains on healthcare-specific elements of standards, policies and up-to-date established best practice. They are applicable to new and existing sites, and are for use at various stages during the whole building lifecycle.

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to ensure that appropriate governance arrangements are in place and are managed effectively. The Health Technical Memorandum series provides best practice engineering standards and policy to enable management of this duty of care.

The ProCure21+ Framework is the recommended procurement method for publicly-funded capital projects over £1 million. The Principal Supply Chain Partners have developed a number of repeatable room arrangements for use in NHS Acute and Mental Health facilities, all of which are fully compliant with HBNs and HTMs.

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Building engineering in the health sector (HTM 00)
1 April 2014: Guidance

NHS estates guidance for medical gas pipeline systems (HTM 02-01)
1 May 2006: Guidance

Specialised ventilation for healthcare buildings (HTM 03-01)
1 November 2007: Guidance

Safe water in healthcare premises (HTM 04-01)
10 April 2017: Guidance

Managing healthcare fire safety (HTM 05-01)
24 April 2013: Guidance

Fire safety in the design of healthcare premises (HTM 05-02)
4 November 2015: Guidance

Fire safety in the NHS – Operational Provisions (HTM 05-03)
1 August 2008: Guidance

Electrical services supply and distribution (HTM 06-01)
11 April 2017: Guidance

Electrical safety guidance for low voltage systems (HTM 06-02)
1 October 2006: Guidance

Electrical safety guidance for high voltage systems in healthcare premises (HTM 06-03)
1 October 2006: Guidance

Management and disposal of healthcare waste (HTM 07-01)
20 March 2013: Guidance

Making energy work in healthcare (HTM 07-02)
25 March 2015: Guidance

NHS car parking management (HTM 07-03)
3 December 2015: Guidance

Water management and water efficiency (HTM 07-04)
20 March 2013: Guidance

Building planning and construction in the health sector (HTM 07-07)
20 March 2013: Guidance

Health sector buildings: acoustic design requirements (HTM 08-01)
19 March 2013: Guidance

Design and maintenance of lifts in the health sector (HTM 08-02)
3 June 2016: Guidance

Management of bedhead services in the health sector (HTM 08-03)
19 March 2013: Guidance

Design and fitting of cubical curtains in the health sector (HTM 66)
1 January 2005: Guidance

Design of laboratories for health sector buildings (HTM 67)
1 January 2005: Guidance


Decontamination HTMs

Decontamination of surgical instruments (HTM 01-01)
8 July 2016: Guidance

Decontamination of linen for health and social care (HTM 01-04)
9 June 2016: Guidance

Decontamination in primary care dental practices (HTM 01-05)
26 March 2013: Guidance

Management and decontamination of flexible endoscopes (HTM 01-06)
30 June 2016: Guidance