Fire safety in the NHS Health Technical Memorandum 05-03: Operational provision

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Health technical memoranda (HTM) 05-03 provides guidance on operational provisions for fire safety for health sector buildings and premises.

It should be read in conjunction with other Health Technical Memoranda in the Firecode suite:

  • Managing Healthcare Fire Safety (HTM 05-01)
  • Fire safety in the design of healthcare premises (HTM 05-02)

HTM 05-03 covers a number of topics:

  • Part A – General fire safety
  • Part B – Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Part C – Textiles and furnishings
  • Part D – Commercial enterprises on hospital premises
  • Part E – Escape lifts in healthcare premises
  • Part F – Arson prevention in NHS premises
  • Part G – Laboratories on healthcare premises
  • Part H – Reducing false alarms in hospital premises
  • Part J – Guidance on fire engineering of healthcare premises
  • Part K – Guidance on fire risk assessments in complex healthcare premises
  • Part M – Fire Safety in Atria


Published 4 August 2008.