Meeting the initial health needs of people arriving in the UK from Ukraine

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This letter and accompanying resources sets out expectations and support for GP registration and the management of the initial health needs for individuals and families coming to England fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Bi-lingual patient health questionnaires have been developed with Doctors of the World UK for commissioners and GP practices to support this initial health assessment and management of newly registered vulnerable migrants, including people seeking asylum and those arriving under Government relocation schemes. Given the conflict in Ukraine, this includes English/Ukrainian and English/Russian translations provided below. There is also an English/blank version of the form so that it may be translated into different community languages where local needs require.

There is an adult version of the form and a version for children (age 0-15 years) which can be completed by the parent/guardian. We envisage that competent 16 and 17-year-olds will be able to complete the adult form for themselves.