Rightcare resources

RightCare produces a range of resources including data packs, toolkits and patient scenarios. They are developed in close collaboration with expert stakeholders such as national clinical leaders, service user and public representative groups, third sector organisations, and other key stakeholders such as the Getting It Right First Time programme (GIRFT) and NICE. Please see below for further information about each type of resource.

Data packs

There are two types of RightCare data packs presenting summary and deep dive information respectively. Both packs are provided for ICSs and sub-ICSs (former CCGs), while summary packs are available at PCN level.

Where to look packs 

Where to look packs provide summary data across all main health areas such as stroke, respiratory disease and cancer. They include ‘pathway on a page’ charts that highlight performance across these clinical care pathways to show how performance in one part of the pathway may affect outcomes further along the pathway.

We recommend that systems start with these packs to review the high-level data and ‘diagnose’ which care pathways would benefit from further investigation.

Focus packs 

Focus packs are the ‘deep dive’ packs into a particular care pathway. They provide similar data to the where to look packs but explore the care pathway in much more detail. Using these packs, systems are able to review sub-pathways and specific procedures and more accurately pinpoint where improvement may be required along the whole pathway of care.

Current data packs are available on the National RightCare FutureNHS workspace. Please note that you will need to a become a member of FutureNHS to access the site.

Please contact RightCare at rightcare@nhs.net if you are looking for a specific data pack.

National Priority Initiatives 

RightCare delivered three National Priority Initiatives (NPIs) during 2018/19 on the topics of MSK (back pain pathway), cardiovascular disease (hypertension and atrial fibrillation pathways) and respiratory (COPD case finding, asthma and pulmonary rehabilitation pathways).

NPIs highlighted universal opportunity and offered an impetus for large scale change by emphasising and enhancing existing areas of good evidence and practice.

RightCare is not planning to offer any further NPIs. Please contact us for more information.

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