Useful links

In addition to our in-house materials, NHS RightCare and Commissioning for Value also refers to and links with a number of other resources and data. A selection of those are listed below:

Shared Decision Making Programme

Shared Decision Making is where individuals and clinicians work together to understand and decide what tests, treatments, management or support packages are most suitable bearing in mind the persons individual circumstances. It brings together the individuals expertise about themselves and what is important to them together with the clinician’s knowledge about what is known about the benefits and risks of the available options.

Medicines Optimisation

Reducing unwarranted variation and increasing value through medicines optimisation is a crucial element of NHS RightCare’s work.

Nursing, midwifery and care staff framework

NHS RightCare has made an important contribution to the development of the new Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff Framework, Leading Change, Adding Value, which describes how the professions can take a leading role to increase value for patients and populations whilst reducing unwarranted variation.

Data packs on cardiovascular disease: June 2014

Public Health England has provided a support pack to help CCGs understand variations across their cardiovascular care pathway and get better value from their CVD services.  The evidenced-based packs cover potential opportunities for CCGs to improve patient outcomes, quality and efficiency by identifying which areas to focus on across the pathway and what to change. The packs are available on Public Health England’s website.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance

NICE guidelines make evidence-based recommendations on a wide range of topics, from preventing and managing specific conditions to planning broader services and interventions to improve the health of communities. The guidance, listed by conditions and diseases can be found on the NICE website