This page is focuses on both resource implications of Shared Decision Making e.g. financial impact of patients making choices about different treatment and care options and also about resources available to support the aims of your local programme/project.

National guidance indicates that responsibility for the commissioning/purchasing of GP clinical systems will be delegated from the NHS Commissioning Board LATs to individual CCGs or Commissioning Support Units. It is recommended that any clinical system supplier be required to support SDM and make available access to Shared Decision Making sheets. The SDM sheets are most likely decision aid to be used in a consultation so enabling clinicians to get quick access will support implementation of SDM.

During our local work with Health Economies we used Map of Medicine as a resource enabler in one health economy to support GP access to Shared Decision Making Sheets and to increase awareness of Patient Decision Aids. This work involved adding links to the Shared Decision Making Sheets on the localised pathway maps which were used frequently by GPs and other health professionals in the health system.

In your health economy there may be a localised referral procedures or pathways and/ or local systems such as Map of Medicine which you can use as an enabler for SDM. If you can identify a localised resource like this it is useful to utilise that resource to support the promotion of Shared Decision Making, especially Shared Decision Making Sheets if health care professionals regularly use the resource. It may also be useful to add in a link to other resources such as your intranet or CCG website.

Additionally hard copy resources of Shared Decision Making Sheets (which are available as PDF documents) and copies of promotional materials for patients including the AQuA Ask Three Questions leaflets and other materials maybe useful to have available at GP surgeries and tier 2 services/ community services. During our work with health economies, most services we engaged with either requested hard copies of resources or printed copies of the Shared Decision Making Sheets. Some health economies provided GPs with the business card design below to allow for effective signposting to patients of the Patient Decision Aids and the Decision Coaching Service.