South West Integrated Personalised Care Awards 2023

The principle of Personalised care is about empowering people to lead the lives they wish to live, asking the person what matters to them and giving them choice and control in their health and care.

The South West Integrated Personalised Care Collaborative will host its second

Integrated Personalised Care Awards for the region, on 12 December ’23 at Dartington Hall, Devon.

The awards are a way to give back, recognise and thank those people who work within health and care, who focused on the ‘What Matters to You ‘approach and have had influence on the life of an individual/s and the health and care system as a whole.

The categories for this year’s South West Integrated Personalised Care Awards are:

  1. Working Together Differently Award
  2. What Matters Award
  3. Shared Decision-Making Award
  4. Collaborative Working Award
  5. Seeing Me Award
  6. Choice and Control Award
  7. Giving Confidence Award
  8. Connecting People Award
  9. Living in a Digital Age Award
  10. Health Equity Award
  11. Using Our Money Well Award
  12. Green Award

For its second year, the SW IPC awards will recognise inspirational success stories. Two new categories have been added. The first will recognise a person’s outstanding contribution around Personalised Care in their system including leading above and beyond their remit to deliver personalised care in practice and the second is the Green Award.


A submission can be made for the South West region in a range of formats.


Entries to be sent to the South West Integrated Personalised Care Collaborative at:

Closing date

The closing date for submissions in relation an IPC award is 23 October ‘23

PS, please ensure that you include the name of the award that you would like to be considered for in the email subject title.

Here are some useful tips and advice:

  • Tell a compelling story about the project, initiative, or journey – and especially the organisation’s role. Explain why candidate made decisions and how changes were implemented. Do not leave it to the judges to piece the story together
  • Entry must clearly link to the national policy around the Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care to avoid disqualification and to the award section for example:
    • How the team/individual started the project, initiative
    • Why they did what they did and
    • How the future looks with it
  • Entry must have a clear timeline
  • Entry should elaborate about –
    • The staff who were active in the pathway but also
    • The people who received the personalised care and difference made along with wider families, communities, carers
  • Be specific about change. Entrants should be clear on the exact change or impact that has been achieved. Do not use vague phrases in the entry like ‘great benefits’ or ‘more diverse.’ Instead, spell out exactly what happened and why it is significant
  • Evidence statements, use both figures and anecdotes to support claims, demonstrating the difference between where it started and where it ended up
  • Add information about finance where relevant –
    • Had the applicant made any savings for unit/team
    • Was it better value for money (evidence of it)
  • Be clear on the organisation’s part in the process. Explain what roles the Senior Leadership team (SLT) adopted or actions they took to contribute to entry/entrant’s success – if relevant, include how this evolved over time. Please ensure entry is written by someone who understands the role SLT played in the initiative’s achievements and how this contributed to the change or success being reported.
  • Please explain how any challenges were managed – failure is an opportunity for learning and improving.
  • Do remember confidentiality – Do not use patient’s name while sharing any story.
  • Please do not cover every element within personalised care model.
  • Please refrain from repeating a story to match two different elements of personalised care model.

For more information, please see Guidance or to download a promotional poster to circulate to key contacts, networks or display.

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