Embedding Integrated Personalised Care

Personalised care is one of the 5 key priorities within the NHS Long Term plan, which states that “people will get more control over their own health and more personalised care when they need it”.

The South West Integrated Personalised Care Team’s (SW IPC) purpose is to enable health and care systems to make personalised care an everyday reality for the people they support, through the Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care.  This includes the systematic implementation of evidence based components and enablers, as outlined in the Operating Model.

The SW IPC team believe passionately that Personalised Care is about everyone being

  • valued for what they can do
  • treated with dignity and respect
  • supported to live full lives

At the centre of Personalised care is the fundamental question ‘what matters to you’. When we listen to the answers, a shift in relationships happens which enables people to work together as equal partners, as the graphic below illustrates:

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