NHS 111 Statistics – July 2014

The latest data for July 2014 comprises all 45 NHS 111 service sites.

a)    Of calls answered by NHS 111, 94.1% were answered within 60 seconds in July 2014, a decrease from the previous month’s performance of 94.5%. This means that the target of 95% was not met for the fifth consecutive month.

b)    In July 2014, 1.1% of calls were abandoned after waiting longer than 30 seconds without being answered, a little more than 1.0% in the previous month. The target of less than 5% calls abandoned has been met or exceeded in every month from April 2013 onwards at the national level.

c)    There were 977,417 calls to the NHS 111 service in July 2014, which is equivalent to 32 thousand per day, or 12 million per year. June 2014 had 33 thousand per day.

d)    Of calls answered by NHS 111, 934,544 (96%) calls were from people directly dialling 111 in July 2014, a slightly higher proportion than 95% in June 2014. In July 2014, 42,873 calls came through other numbers.

e)    The mean average episode length of a call was 15 minutes and 1 second in July 2014, similar to 15 minutes and 5 seconds in June 2014.

f)     Of calls answered, 85% received triage in July 2014, the same as each of the previous eight months. Calls not triaged include when callers are referred on to another service, or given health information and do not need to be triaged, or when callers abandon the call before triage could start.

g)    The 85% of calls receiving triage in July 2014 comprised 10% where ambulances were dispatched, recommendations to contact primary care (51%), A&E (7%), or another service (3%), and 14% where no other service was recommended. For June 2014, these figures were 9% ambulance dispatch, 52% primary care, 13% no other service, and otherwise the same.

h)   Of all calls answered, 9% were offered a call back in July 2014, the same as each of the previous five months. Of those offered a call back, 51% were called back within 10 minutes, the same as June 2014.

i)     On average, 30% of call time was handled by clinical staff in July 2014 as the same as June 2014. Only 21 of the 45 sites provided this information in July. Some providers class it as commercially sensitive, and its collection is technically voluntary.

*Update on 11 September 2014: in g) no other service corrected from 29% to 14% for July, and 28% t0 13% for June.

Statistical Note
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Google PDE Application
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