Local partnership to improve health and care

Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs)

The NHS and local councils have formed partnerships in 44 areas covering all of England, to improve health and care. Each area has developed proposals built around the needs of the whole population in the area, not just those of individual organisations.

About STPs

What are STPs and how they will help ensure that services are built around the needs of local populations?

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View the local blueprints for improved health, care and finances for each of the 44 'footprint' areas.

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The NHS and local councils have come together in 44 areas covering all of England to develop proposals to improve health and care. They have formed new partnerships – known as sustainability and transformation partnerships – to plan jointly for the next few years. They are built around the needs of the local population across whole areas, not just those of the individual organisations involved.

Now we have help - the future of health and social care

This short film tells the story of how joined-up care at the Weymouth Hub in Dorset has improved the lives of Dennis, who suffers from multiple complex conditions, and his wife Jennifer, who cares for him. Joining up care is just one of the benefits patients and families are experiencing across the country, as a result of sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) where the NHS and local authorities are working together to improve health and social care.

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Local councils and the NHS must work together as equal partners – not fail separately

Local councils work in challenging times. It seems that barely a day goes by without another reminder of the funding pressures we face, with potential impact on care services for the most vulnerable and on our residents’ wider health. As the only serving director of adult social care leading a local sustainability and transformation partnership […]