Support for STP footprints

The development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) will require local health and care partners to work together in new and different ways. National health and care bodies are working closely with STP footprints to support them to do this.

This page contains some support tools and guidance for STP footprint leads and their teams.

Letter to the system, February 2016

A letter was sent from the Chief Executives of the national health and care bodies to local health and care systems to explain more about Sustainability and Transformation Plans. This letter includes:

  • additional information about the purpose of STPs;
  • an early indication of the support package for developing the plans; and
  • a timeline for the STP process, including key dates when STP footprints will be asked to feedback ahead of full consideration of plans in June/July 2016.

Download the letter guidance.

Quick guides – May 2016

These quick guides are designed to help local leaders work together in tackling the big system questions, and build on existing efforts to make progress on some of the most challenging priorities. Each guide starts by setting out what success would look like in 2020, and gives suggestions about how areas could approach implementation.

The guides included in this package distil guidance/information from other publications and do not contain new asks or priorities.  They are a description of the top-line objectives we need collectively to achieve by the end of the decade, both nationally and locally.

June submission guidance

This short note is a guide for STP footprints on what the national bodies would expect to see in STP submissions, which are due on 30 June 2016.

Indicative STP allocations – May 2016

Place-based funding allocations for the period 2016/17 to 2020/21 were published in January, comprising CCG allocations, primary care medical allocations and specialised services allocations.

Separate additional funding has been identified and initially held at a national level for the Sustainability and Transformation Fund, and other elements of transformation such as primary care.

In order to support STP footprints in developing plans for their areas in 2020/21, this note sets out, on an indicative basis, the total additional funding which could be available in 2020/21 from all sources. This includes a proportionate element of the sustainability fund, and of those transformation funds expected to be made available for local investment and services. This is intended to give an early sense of the potential additional resources which could be available.

Engaging local people – a guide for local areas developing sustainability and transformation plans

This document is for teams developing Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) in each of the 44 footprint areas, and the statutory organisations which form part of them. It is intended to clarify the expectations on stakeholder involvement, in particular patient and public participation. It also covers legal duties around engagement and consultation and will be of particular interest to communication and engagement leads for STPs and footprint leaders. Read the press release.