The NHS Education Funding Agreement 2024-2027

The NHS Education Contract is the formal mechanism for the relationship between NHS England and providers. The contract supports non-competitive, equitable activities listed in the Department of Health and Social Care Education and training tariff guidance and the NHS Education funding guidance published yearly.

From April 2024, the NHS Education Contract will be renamed the NHS Education Funding Agreement. This term more accurately reflects how NHS England disburses reimbursed funds to clinical training providers.

This name adjustment not only enhances clarity but also builds on the commitment to transparent and efficient financial processes within the education and training healthcare system.

The adoption of the NHS Education Funding Agreement signifies a positive step towards ensuring a more precise representation of the financial aspects involved in supporting clinical placements.

Consultation – opened on 29 February 2024

NHS Education Funding Agreement 2024-2027: consultation documents

We have now published, for consultation, the draft NHS Education Funding Agreement.

The consultation paper describes the main, material changes we are proposing in the Funding Agreement, and we would welcome comments from stakeholders on our proposals.

Comments on the draft NHS Education Funding Agreement should be submitted by 28 March 2024 via the consultation hub.

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