NHS Education Funding Agreement 2024-27

The NHS Education Funding Agreement replaces the 2021/24 NHS Education Contract, covering both education and placement providers from 1 April 2024 until 31 March 2027.

The 2024/27 agreement supports non-competitive, equitable activities listed in the Department of Health and Social Care Education and training tariff guidance and NHS Education funding guidance published yearly, regarding:

  • education and placements funding
  • salary support funding (where not directly commissioned to a provider and where not under a host/lead contract)
  • education and training grants for programmes published by NHS England

The NHS Education Funding Agreement will not be used for competitive education and training programmes. NHS England will collaborate with education and training providers through a commercial process to establish the appropriate contract mechanism for all new competitive education and training programmes.

In February 2024, we launched a 4-week public consultation on the changes we proposed to the NHS Education Funding Agreement. Following the completion of the consultation in March 2024, we have considered the feedback received from internal and external stakeholders. A summary of the responses received, clarification statements, and further changes made to the agreement can be found in the published consultation outcome report.

We have also published a supporting guide for the 2024-27 NHS Education Funding Agreement. The guide summarises key aspects of the agreement in an easy-to-understand layout for stakeholders reading and reviewing the agreement.

As part of signing up providers onto the agreement, NHS England commissioners will agree the services available to each provider under the agreement and confirming this as part of the onboarding of providers onto the agreement.

If you have questions about the NHS education funding agreement, please email england.educationfundingagreement@nhs.net

To request an accessible version of any of the related documents please contact: england.educationfundingagreement@nhs.net

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