About The Information Standard

NHS England is committed to improving the quality of health and care information that is available to the public, patients and health and care professionals.

We believe information that is clear, accurate, evidence-based, up-to-date and easy to use Allow people, patients and communities to become better informed and more involved in their health and care.

The Information Standard was developed in response to the large amount of health and care information available to the public and patients. Any organisation that has achieved The Information Standard has undergone a rigorous assessment to check that their information production process generates high quality information.

Members of The Information Standard also receive the right to display the Standard’s logo on their information. This acts as a quality mark and helps people easily identify reliable, high quality information.

NHS England is undertaking a fundamental review of the current operating model to identify and transition to a new and sustainable model that not only better supports our aims and ambitions but is also less burdensome for organisations. NHS England remains firmly committed to The Information Standard and will continue to provide strategic leadership and influence the health and care system.

Other Useful Organisations

The Information Standard is delighted to work alongside other organisations in the area of health and care information including: