Useful resources


A new suite of short E-learning sessions to support the use of the Standard and the quality statements has been developed. The e-learning is freely available for anyone to access.

The e-learning programme comprises two parts: firstly, an overview that will give you an introduction to what the Standard is, why it is important and why it might be relevant to your role.

Secondly, split across two sessions, a more in-depth look at the Principles of the Standard. These are aimed at organisations that produce information. Again, it outlines what the Principles are, why they are important and will help organisations to think about how they might apply the quality statements in practice. These sessions may also be useful to people that commission such information to ensure that their providers are using best practice in their processes and will help you to think about what good looks like.

We also have useful resources on finding the evidence, useful databases and health literacy.

Statement of Commitment to The Information Standard

We recognise that many organisations remain keen to publicly state their commitment to the production of high quality information and to applying the principles of the Standard. In recognition of this we have produced the following suggested wording for organisations to use to demonstrate this commitment.

[organisation name] is committed to producing high quality, evidence based, functional consumer health and care information. To support this we apply the principles and quality statements of The Information Standard fully to ensure that our process for producing information follows best practice.

Please be aware that it would be misleading to use this statement if you are not using all the principles and quality statements to inform your process. If this is identified you may be asked to remove, or revise, your statement of commitment accordingly.