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Education Framework for the Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner (IPC) Workforce

This framework sets out clear outcomes for the development and growth of a skilled workforce, to promote the confidence and leadership skills necessary to ensure practitioners challenge, and effectively support the reliable implementation of safe standards of care for the patients we serve.

Infection prevention and control education framework

A new education framework on infection prevention and control (IPC). It sets out a vision for the design and delivery of IPC education for our people that support effective and safe care. The framework outlines the behaviours, knowledge and skills required by the health and social care workforce to improve the quality of IPC practice and thereby improve patient outcomes. The standards cover all organisations, national, regional and local that provide or commission educational programmes.

National infection prevention and control manual (NIPCM) for England

This is an evidence-based practice manual for use by all those involved in care provision in England. It should be adopted as mandatory guidance in NHS settings or settings where NHS services are delivered, and the principles should be applied in all care settings. Contents Introduction Responsibilities for the content of this manual Responsibilities for […]

National infection prevention and control manual for England – appendices

The National infection prevention and control manual (NIPCM) has been adapted from the Scottish NIPCM as national standards, to be measured by the regulators. The NIPCM is used to support and facilitate healthcare providers to demonstrate compliance with the ten criteria of the ‘Health and Social Care Act 2008, Code of practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance.

The NIPCM aims to provide an evidence-based practice manual that should be adopted as guidance in NHS settings and ensure a consistent UK wide approach to infection prevention and control.

The appendices below depict best practice techniques as well as detailed aide memoires for optimal patient placement and respiratory protective equipment.

Supporting infection prevention and control through technology

Case study: Victoria Pye, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. Background to learning Many nurses have been redeployed as part of the COVID-19 response – sometimes to several different wards across the trust in order to flexibly meet the demand for care. Keeping track of who is where, and when, has rarely been so important and […]