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Innovative methods to analyse the free text data and promote the FFT – a Patient Participation Group initiative

Trust/Practice: Romney House Surgery, Gloucestershire What did they do? The PPG realised that just reporting the FFT quantitative data wasn’t improving things. By looking at the free text comments they felt that they could find out what the patients really thought about the surgery, and what we could do to improve their experiences. They came […]

Diversity in the NHS is everyone’s business

The Equality and Diversity Council at NHS England works to ensure everyone’s contribution to our health service is fairly recognised. In the second of two blogs, the Chair of the BMA Representative Body reports on the Council’s work and outlines what steps we can all take to ensure fair treatment for NHS patients and staff: […]

A to Z of topics

Our A to Z of topics helps you find information quickly. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0-9 A About NHS England Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) Accelerated Access Collaborative Accessibility (website) Accessible Information Standard Acute […]

Notes on Assessing Conformance

This has been prepared to support applicable and interested organisations to effectively assess, monitor and / or assure their own, and others’, implementation of and ongoing conformance with SCCI1605 Accessible Information – referred to as ‘the Accessible Information Standard’ or ‘the Standard’. ‘Applicable organisations’ are those to which the Standard applies (i.e. with specific requirements […]

Notes on meeting the cost of meeting individuals’ needs

The following notes have been prepared in response to queries about the cost of meeting individuals’ information and communication needs as part of implementation of SCCI1605 Accessible Information – referred to as ‘the Accessible Information Standard’ or ‘the Standard’. It is intended to support organisations to recognise the benefits associated with the Standard, as well […]

Clarifying notes to support interpretation and implementation

Introduction Clarifying note on recording of data in non-coded systems Clarifying note on patient records and consent Clarifying note on verification of communication professional qualifications Clarifying note on sourcing and stocking information in alternative formats References Introduction The following ‘notes’ have been prepared in response to queries about interpretation of aspects of SCCI1605 Accessible Information […]

Our policies and procedures

Corporate governance documents Standards of Business Conduct Policy (version 2.3, approved March 2019) Standing Financial Instructions (version 1.5, approved 15 December 2020) POL_0001 Standing Orders (version 9, approved 15 December 2020) POL_0002 The Scheme of Delegation (version 2, approved 15 December 2019) Tackling Fraud, Bribery and Corruption: Economic Crime Strategy 2018-2021 Tackling Fraud, Bribery and […]