NHS England is responsible for determining allocations of financial resources to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Total annual budgets given to CCGS cover the majority of NHS spending. The allocations process uses a statistical formula to make geographic distribution fair and objective, so that it more clearly reflects local healthcare need and helps to reduce health inequalities.

Allocations Infographics

We have produced an illustrated summary of the detailed technical guides below, which explain the calculations behind financial allocations to CCGs. We hope that using infographics and metaphors make the ideas and models more accessible.

Resource allocations

Current and previous published allocations being available at the links below. The latest round included allocations for 2016/17 (indicative for 2017/18 and 2018/19).

Technical details

These reports explain how the allocations formula works, along with supporting documents, research reports and spreadsheets (including full details of calculations)

Expert advisory group

The Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA) provides recommendations and advice on the target, relative geographical distribution of funding for health services in England, given the objectives of the funding formula. It is supported by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and a team of analysts in NHS England.

Further reading

The allocations formula has recently undergone a fundamental review, with the health needs research fully updated and revised. From April 2016, analytical support for public health allocations returned to the Department of Health, but is still supported by ACRA.