Teams under pressure

Purposes for processing

The purpose of “Teams Under Pressure” is to offer NHS line managers the means to effectively support and lead their teams during and after COVID-19. This offer includes providing a web-based portal through which NHS managers can apply for coaching and mentoring along with online resources and toolkits.

Sources of data

Participation for this service is voluntary, and personal data is collected via a dedicated NHS England website. Contact data will be used to facilitate training and will be shared with training providers. It is not mandatory for participants to provide any diversity information. But those who do submit this data, be assured that it will only be used for equality monitoring and will not be shared outside NHS England.

Categories of personal data and recipients

The data voluntarily provided will be: name, email and contact number, to be used to support the scheduling of sessions, issuing invitations and sending reminders. Additionally, other data voluntarily provided will be: NHS organisation, region, role, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, age and sexual orientation.  This special category data will only be used for diversity monitoring and evaluation and will not be shared with anyone else. The evaluation will be carried out by NHS England.

Legal basis for processing

For GDPR purposes NHS England’s lawful basis for processing is: Article 6(1)(e) – ‘…exercise of official authority’ and for processing special categories (health) data the basis is: Article 9(2)(h) – ‘…health or social care…’.