Case studies

Community engagement to support uptake among specific population: Bradford Beating Diabetes (BBD) Team

Describes how the programme used tester sessions to engage people from south Asian background with the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. It also includes the presentation slides and other resources that were used to promote the tester sessions. This document is to be used to develop community engagement activities through tester sessions.

Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) to support case finding and referral: Birmingham South and Central Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

A look at how the CCG achieved local primary care by in for the programme by establishing a cardiovascular disease (CVD) Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) with all 55 of the General Practice surgeries in the area. It is to be used by CCGs to who wish to develop similar programmes in their area.

Local Improvement Scheme document template

This is the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) document produced by Birmingham South and Central CCG. It describes the scope of the service, the service model, the success measures as well as entry criteria. It also explains what data will be collected, interdependencies, training and commissioning responsibilities. This document also clearly sets out the delivery model, outcome measures and the read codes used for the programme. The document is to be used as a template for other areas that wish to develop a similar programme.

Marketing approaches to promote engagement: Medway NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP)

See how the process of developing the marketing material was used and the learning gained from the process. Also included is the layout of the Medway diabetes prevention programme process as well as the post intervention process. It can be used as a model for developing a marketing approach for the NHS DPP.

Practice based nurse case finding approach: Salford NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP)

Describes how a nurse was recruited to facilitate case finding within GP practices in the area. It sets out the rationale for the role, what the goals of the nurse are and the expected outcomes. This document also includes a job description for the nurse facilitator role as well as the person specification and the interview selection criteria. This document is to be used a model for CCGs that want to recruit a nurse to facilitate case finding and referral into the NHS DPP in their area.

Targeted case finding approaches: Salford NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP)

Shows how the programme targets those who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes but are less likely to engage with health services.  It describes the approach used, the outcomes and the lesson learnt from the process. This document could be used by providers and commissioners who want to develop targeted case finding for the NHS DPP in their area.