Low calorie diets to treat obesity and Type 2 diabetes

The NHS low calorie diet (LCD) programme is a joint initiative between NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK.

The NHS Long Term Plan made a commitment to test an NHS programme supporting the use of low calorie diets for obese people with Type 2 diabetes. These pilots will build on the approaches of the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), and the Doctor Referral of Overweight People to Low Energy total diet replacement Treatment (DROPLET) trials which showed that it is possible for Type 2 diabetes to be put into in remission in participants recently diagnosed with the condition.

The NHS LCD programme will pilot at scale the approaches used in the trials with up to 5,000 eligible participants being offered total diet replacement products.

Progress to date

NHS England and NHS Improvement are currently in the process of appointing providers to deliver services in selected areas across England and it is expected that with the first patient referrals to the programme will start from Summer 2020.

Full details of the selected pilot sites and providers in each locality will be announced once the national procurement process is complete.

Future opportunities

Please sign up to the NHS Diabetes Programme bulletin to hear more about the programme as it develops.

We are working closely with the new pilot sites to build up a portfolio of experiences – including case studies, innovative approaches and community events – to support uptake.