The vision for the future of the people profession

This report sets out a vision of where the profession wants to get to by 2030 so it can play its unique part in supporting the health and care system to provide what our patients and citizens will need.

This vision (set out in the infographic below) has been co-created through crowdsourcing and networking by the people who are most impacted by people services: staff, leaders and members of the people profession itself.

The vision begins with themes that focus on how the profession itself will evolve over time. It then sets out wider, strategic themes where the people profession needs to focus to support the rest of the system.

The vision is aimed at people professionals, wider leaders and champions of people issues at all levels across the NHS, but especially the senior leaders of organisations, systems and regional and national bodies.

The future of human resources and organisational development 2030 vision infographic. This is made up of a connected set of eight illustrated graphics and corresponding text as follows: orange apple illustrated graphic and text below ‘prioritising the health and wellbeing of all our people’; teal person in circle, five stars around top of circle illustrated graphic and text below ‘creating a great employee experience’; green heart illustrated graphic and text below ‘ensuring inclusion and belonging for all’; three blue professionals illustrated graphic and text below, ‘supporting and developing the profession’; two yellow hands cupping a star illustrated graphic and text, ‘harnessing the talents of all our people’; purple ‘idea’ light bulb with a cog inside illustrated graphic and text below, ‘leading improvement change and innovation’; indigo computer and smart phone overlapping each other illustrated graphic and text below, ‘embedding digitally enabled solutions’; and pink clock illustrated graphic and text below ‘enabling new ways of working and planning for the future’

  • Prioritising the health and wellbeing of all our people: We take a positive and proactive approach in supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our NHS people, ensuring that work has a positive impact. We address health inequalities at work and in our communities
  • Creating a great employee experience: We understand the diverse needs, expectations and experiences of our NHS people, and use that insight to tailor our people services. We attract and retain people in health and care, creating a positive impact on our communities.
  • Ensuring inclusion and belonging for all: We use our expertise and influence to create an inclusive culture, which values and celebrates our diversity. We listen to our people and take action to ensure there is equity for everyone.
  • Supporting and developing the people profession: We support everyone working in the people profession to be their very best and reach their full potential. Together we provide outstanding people practices.
  • Harnessing the talents of all our people: We help all our people to fulfil their ambition and potential. We build strong leadership and management capability at all levels.
  • Leading improvement, change and innovation: The people profession is productive, efficient and responsive. Our operating model delivers transformation and embeds innovation across organisations and systems.
  • Embedding digitally enabled solutions: We make best use of technology and digital solutions to deliver great people services. We develop our digital capability to equip ourselves for the future.
  • Enabling new ways of working and planning for the future: We enable our people to work differently, to support new models of care. We anticipate the needs of the health and care system, and play our part in creating a sustainable supply of workforce which meets the needs of our patients now and for the future.


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