Building general practice resilience

The General Practice Resilience Programme is £40 million over four years (until 2020) to support GP practices across the country in a range of ways. The first £16 million of this funding has been allocated for this year (2016/17).

This funding is in addition to £10 million of investment, committed in December 2015, to support practices identified as needing the greatest support.

What support is available?

The menu of support ranges from helping to stabilise practices at risk of closure through to more transformational support to help practice resilience in the future. This could include:

  • Diagnostic services to quickly identify areas for improvement support
  • Specialist advice and guidance e.g. human resources, IT
  • Coaching/Supervision/Mentorship
  • Practice Management Capacity Support
  • Rapid Intervention and management support for Practices at risk of closure
  • Co-ordinated support to help practices struggling with workforce issues
  • Change management and improvement support to individual practices or group of practices

Across the country this is being delivered through local resilience teams or pools of experienced GPs and other practice staff through to help with practice management, recruitment issues, and supporting capacity to plan and implement changes that will support practices become more sustainable and resilient.

Support is free to practices, conditional only on matched commitment from practices, evidence through an agreed action plan/memorandum of understanding.

How can GP practices access this support?

NHS England local teams are already developing and delivering support offers to over a thousand practices as part of the first wave of the programme including diagnostic assessments and practical advice and help to secure agreed improvements.  However, it’s not too late as this is a four-year programme and practices wanting support will be considered in future waves.

GP practices should speak to their NHS England local office for more information.

North Region

NHS England Region and Local Office Team Name Contact details
Cheshire and Merseyside Kirk Benyon
Cumbria and North East Ros Goode
Lancashire Louise Fazackerley
South Yorkshire Karen Curran
West Yorkshire Kathryn Hilliam and Anna Ladd and
North Yorkshire Heather Marsh and Chris Clarke and
Greater Manchester Ben Squires

Midlands & East Region

NHS England Region and Local Office Team Name Contact details
Central Locality (Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland and Northampton) Lesley Harrison
North Locality (Lincolnshire) Judy Patrick and Adrian Audis and
South Locality (Hertfordshire, Bedford/Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes) Nick Ince and Andrew Tarry and
East Anglia (Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk, Great Yarmouth & Waveney) Andrea Patman
Essex Alison Cowie
North Midlands Joe Lunn and
West Midlands Martina Ellery

London Region

NHS England Region and Local Office Team Name Contact details
North East London Liz Wise
North West London Liz Wise
South London Liz Wise

South Region

NHS England Region and Local Office Team Name Contact details
South Central Nicky Wadely
South East Kirsty Lewis
South West Pam Smith
Wessex Olivia Falgayrac-Jones

Other relevant programmes of support:

In addition to the General Practice Resilience Programme, two national programmes are currently operating to offer turnaround support to GP practices where there is the greatest need to improve sustainability and resilience.

  • £10 million investment in support – the Vulnerable Practice Programme
  • RCGP Peer Support Programme – providing improvement support to practices entering CQC special measures.

These predate the General Practice Resilience Programme.