National General Practice Improvement Programme

We’re supporting general practice to deliver change through the national General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP), which was introduced as part of the Delivery plan for recovering access to primary care in May 2023.

The programme provides tailored support for practices and primary care networks (PCNs) over two years (2023 to 2025) to make changes and improvements to how they work.

Why does general practice need support?

Demand and complexity in general practice are increasing, and practices are facing a widening gap between patient demand and the capacity available to meet that demand. All practices have pressures and workforce challenges, with these often felt most acutely in practices working in areas of high need and deprivation, and in rural areas.

A wide range of GP practices across England have innovated in response to these challenges and have created the different elements of a ‘modern general practice model’. We have collated and codified these and are sharing them more widely to help practices and PCNs make changes more easily and realise the benefits more quickly.

The modern general practice model

The Delivery plan for recovering access to primary care commits to supporting practices move to a modern general practice model.

The modern general practice model is a way of organising work in general practice that enables:

  • practices to see all patient need, by providing inclusive, straightforward online and telephone access
  • practices to understand all need through structured information gathering
  • practices to prioritise and allocate need safely and equitably (including continuity of care)
  • practices to make best use of other primary care services and the multi-professional team
  • practices to improve efficiency of their processes and reduce duplication.

Many practices are already changing the way they work and have seen many benefits from implementing elements of modern general practice including:

  • releasing GP and administrative time – 2.5% of GP appointments saved
  • use of other primary care services with 450,000 referrals made to community pharmacy with only 6% needing to be referred back to general practice
  • improved continuity of care resulting in an estimated 5.2% reduction in consultation numbers
  • patient experience scores that are 6 percentage points higher than the national average
  • 60% of staff reporting that the number of complaints have reduced
  • 70% of staff reporting that their workload is easier to manage.

Support for practices and primary care networks

The General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP) helps practices implement modern general practice and realise benefits quickly. The objectives of the improvement programme are to support practices and primary care networks to:

  • better align capacity with demand
  • improve the working environment
  • improve patient experience
  • build their capability to sustain improvement

Find out more by registering now for an introductory webinar for practices or register for an introductory webinar for primary care networks.

Our support

The national General Practice Improvement Programme includes these elements:

Practice Level Support Offer

The Practice Level Support (PLS) offer is a hands-on package of support delivered over three months (13 weeks). It enables and supports practices to plan and deliver improvements. This support will include facilitated in-person sessions, a data diagnosis and a tailored analysis of demand and capacity.

Following the initial 13 weeks, there may be the opportunity to opt into some additional support for your practice to help you to continue to make even more progress towards the ambitions laid out in the Primary Care Access Recovery Plan.

Practices will benefit from on-site support as well as group-based learning sessions to facilitate peer to peer learning and sharing of experiences across practices.

This element of the General Practice Improvement programme provides pragmatic, helpful, hands-on support to practices using experienced and skilled quality improvement facilitators who have worked in and with general practice for many years.

See here fore more information: NHS England » Practice and PCN improvement support

Universal offer for practices and primary care networks

Every practice in England can access the universal offer, which includes:

  • online resources on five priority areas, including ‘how to’ guidance, quick wins and good practice
  • webinars covering the five key priority areas and advice on how to make practical changes and improvements in general practice
  • online ‘support sessions’ following each webinar where practice and PCN teams can ‘ask an expert’ for help.

See the webpage for further information about the universal offer.

Capability building offer

The capability building offer provides individuals in practices and primary care networks with practical development programmes that will increase their core skills and understanding of quality improvement tools and techniques and managing change. The offer includes short-term (over two to three sessions) and longer-term (up to twelve months) development opportunities.

See this webpage for further information about the capability building offer.

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