Expanding our workforce

GP practices across the country are undertaking some of the biggest changes in a generation, with bigger teams of health professionals working together to offer better and more services for patients closer to home.

More healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics, physician associates and social prescribing link workers will be recruited to work with GPs and nurses, so that patients can get a convenient appointment with the right health professional for their needs.

These bigger teams will work more closely with other local services, to deal with the range of needs that patients have and provide more responsive care, more personalised care planning for people that need it, and ultimately prevent more ill health by helping people to stay well.

Read more about expanding the primary care workforce, and find out more on the roles below:

Clinical pharmacists
Physician associates
General practice nursing
Social prescribing link workers
Mental health therapists
First contact physiotherapists
General practitioners