GP Contract documentation 2015/16

Standard contract documentation

NHS England has commissioned new standard primary medical care contracts in order to make sure that there is a consistent contractual framework in place across the country.

These new standard contracts also introduce the new core contract terms that were agreed as part of the 2015/16 GP contract agreement.

These new forms of contract should be used in all cases.

GMS Variation Notice September 2015 – for old style GMS (updates as far as April 2015)

GMS Contract changes 2015/16

PMS Contract review

NHS England enhanced service specifications

NHS Standard Contract – Provisions Applicable to Primary Care Services – Schedule 2L and Explanatory Note

In certain circumstances commissioners may wish to commission a package of services including both primary and secondary care elements from a single provider. The NHS Standard Contract is the mandated form of contract, commissioners may include provisions in Schedule 2L of the mandated NHS Standard Contract to make the Contract compliant with  the APMS Directions 2013 (amended/superseded) in relation to the provision of primary medical care services.