Easy access to vaccination

Working in health and social care is not a 9 to 5 job, and neither is it always based on the one site. Access needs to be flexible.

Many staff who want a vaccination just can’t get to a clinic, GP or pharmacy in core hours.

That is why it is important that your flu vaccination programme is flexible to ensure as many workers as possible can access the vaccination.

Some things you can consider helping to increase flexibility are:

  • Use peer vaccinators, ideally at least one in each clinical area. Ensure you follow the written instruction for the administration of seasonal flu vaccination. Train them and release some of their normal duties so that can get on with vaccination of staff.
  • Schedule extended hours easy access drop in clinics.
  • Schedule 24-hour mobile vaccinations.
  • Utilise staff who are on adapted working or light duties
  • Provide vouchers or reimburse staff if they buy their jab at a community pharmacy
  • If vaccinating by a local pharmacy or through GPs, allow your staff time to get their vaccination
  • Use your mobile vaccination carts in high footfall areas such as the staff canteen, and around shift switchover times on wards.