Regional Retention Focus

We endeavour to always learn from and share experiences with other colleagues across the NHS, using the regional retention community of practices. Please, do contact your regional retention manager to be part of the community of practice in your region.

National People Promise Exemplars

The People Promise sets out in the words of our NHS people what will most improve their working experience and make the NHS the workplace we all want it to be. The People Promise exemplars are 23 organisations – a mix of acute, community and mental health organisations – with which the national and regional retention team at NHS England and NHS Improvement will work to deliver the interventions set out in the People Promise together in one place, at the same time in order to achieve improved outcomes and optimum staff satisfaction and retention.

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Our pathfinders

We are launching three local pathfinder regions from September 2020 as part of the national Looking After Our People – Retention Programme:

  1. North East and Yorkshire region – Humber, Coast and Vale, North East and North Cumbria, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw and West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care Systems
  2. South West: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership
  3. London: North Central London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Our pathfinders will help us test assumptions about what can best empower the whole workforce to feel valued, safe, productive and supported and therefore keep more of our valued staff in roles they love.

They will essentially be collaboratively creating and testing a new ‘landscape’ for the NHS. It will give us all the opportunity to try new things out as well as learning from those who are already doing great work in this area.

How we will evaluate our pathfinders

We will use continuous quality improvement methodology to enable a system-wide change in culture.

We look forward to sharing information with you about their journey and findings. If you’re interested in taking part in future initiatives or just want to know more about the pathfinders and their work, please contact us.

What initiatives can I take forward now?

North East and Yorkshire Region have developed a Regional Retention Community of Practice as part of their 12 month retention pathfinder programme of work that commenced in September 2020, across the four Integrated Care Systems (Cumbria and the North East, Humber Coast and Vale, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw and West Yorkshire and Harrogate).

Here are contributions from representatives across the region, showcasing the progress and collaborative work that is happening:

Looking After Our People – North East and Yorkshire retention – 25 November 2020