NHS @home

NHS @home is a nationally-led programme of work providing better connected, more personalised care in people’s homes including care homes. It aims to ensure people have faster access to more appropriate and targeted care, without necessarily having to attend emergency care or arrange GP appointments.

NHS @home builds upon what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to maximise the use of technology to support more people to better self-manage their health and care at home. This provides more convenient, high quality and timely alternatives to face to face care, where this works for the individual, and when clinically appropriate.

COVID Oximetry @home

This service supports people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus and are most at risk of becoming seriously unwell. People are given pulse oximeters to monitor their oxygen levels at home.

COVID virtual wards

Virtual wards support safe and earlier discharge of coronavirus patients from hospitals. People are given pulse oximeters and other treatment and support to help manage their recovery at home.

Blood pressure monitoring @home

Also known as home blood pressure monitoring. This service enables people to measure and share their blood pressure readings with their GP from their home.

Flash glucose monitoring

Flash glucose monitors are now available to all people with Type 1 diabetes or insulin treated Type 2 diabetes who are living with a learning disability and are recorded on their GP learning disability register.

Virtual wards

Virtual wards allow patients to get the care they need at home safely and conveniently, rather than being in hospital.