Non-executive Appointments

We offer NHS providers a range of support in managing non-executive appointments to NHS boards, including supporting them to find talented people with the skills and experience to help run vital NHS services for their local community.

We all know that effective leadership is essential for a sustainable NHS that provides high quality care, which is why supporting leaders and improving leadership is a priority. Our Non-executive Talent and Appointments Team offers all NHS providers a range of services to support them in making new appointments to boards.

Promoting roles: we can publish details of NHS provider vacancies on our website.

Accessing new talent: we have a large and growing talent database of board-ready people across the country interested in non-executive roles in the NHS. We will match the attributes of the people on the database to help NHS providers ensure the best possible field of candidates for these important roles. We are also happy to receive details of great potential candidates.

Improving diversity: to make the best possible decisions, we believe NHS boards need to be made up of people with a mix of experience, qualities and skills and are working hard to improve the diversity of the candidate pool. We can work with you to help improve the diversity of boards.

The Seacole Group: a network for BAME Non-executive Directors in the NHS who together bring knowledge, skills and unique cultural intelligence to help the NHS govern more effectively. They can provide support if you need help with ensuring a diverse selection panel who understands the Non-executive Director role and has the ambition to support under-represented groups into these roles.  They provide support in accessing experienced Chairs and Non-executive Directors who can bring their knowledge and experience to selection panels as independent members.  The Seacole Group can also share Chairs and Non-executive Director vacancies with their growing membership to access their personal networks and help trusts ensure the best possible field of candidates for these important roles.   You can access either of these support mechanisms by contacting the Group by emailing

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