Tell 3 People


The Palliative & End of Life Care programme supports National Dying Matters Week.

In 2021 we ran a campaign to get people talking about what matters to them for their future care, especially at the end of their life to encourage us to ‘tell 3people’ about what matters to us – #tell3people2021

It doesn’t have to be just about the big things like the treatment you would or wouldn’t want or where you would wish to die, it can be the smaller things that are significant to you. Talking about death doesn’t bring death closer. It’s about planning for life, helping us make the most of the time that we have. However, starting the conversation, particularly with those close to you, is never easy.  Families commonly report that it comes as a relief once the subject is brought out into the open. You are able to express your thoughts about the way you wish to be cared for, where you’d like to die, or what you’d like to happen after you die. This helps you and your loved ones to cope better both emotionally and practically with what your death could mean. In the 2021 video series people across the North West shared what is important to them:

For 2022  Dying Matters Awareness Week | Hospice UK runs from 2nd to 6th May.  In Lancashire and South Cumbria, the Compassionate Communities group has decided to make available three different campaigns so that you can choose the campaign that works best for your community, your resources and your area of focus. The three different campaigns to choose from are:

  • Tell Three People – two short videos as a follow up to last year’s theme. The aim is to use these along with the #Tell3people2022 to start conversations with the call to action of telling three people what matters to you.
  • Last Days Matter – a training programme for lay people has been produced by St. John’s Hospice North Lancashire & South Lakes. Last Days Matter is a 2.5 hour programme designed for people who are not health professionals. Training has been delivered on a Train the trainer basis. This video explains the programme and how the training can be accessed.
  • The Hospice Podcast – St. John’s Hospice Podcasts designed for health professionals and members of the public; available on popular channels such as Spotify, Google, Podbean etc. Each focus on frequently asked questions about palliative and end of life care and are no more than 30 minutes, so perfect for listening to when you don’t have much time.

For social media posts use the hashtags #tell3people2022 #DMAW22 to get the conversation trending. 

If you would like to know more about starting the conversation, recording your wishes or planning your funeral the following resources might be helpful: