We are mental health nurses in the North West


Apply to be a mental health nurse in North West England.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference, and to get the support to develop your skills and practice.

The NHS is one of the biggest and best employers in the world, and by working with us in North West England you’ll:

  • Be working with over 6,000 colleagues across the North West of England
  • Be caring for over 200,000 patients across the North West of England
  • Making a big difference to people’s lives
  • Meeting new people
  • Learning new skills and improving your practice

 By moving to the North West of England, you’ll: 

  • Get support to find somewhere to live
  • Get support to find a good local school for your children
  • Get support to find a doctor and a dentist
  • Get a welcome package including food and essential items
  • Enjoy a great work-life balance
  • Live somewhere with a great history, with lots to see and do.

Find out more about where you could work in North West England by visiting each of our five NHS mental health trusts, and seeing what they can offer you:

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Cheshire Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust