International nursing and midwifery associations

International recruitment continues to be an important part of the ways in which the NHS is increasing the numbers of nurses and midwives in our workforce. For a number of consecutive years, we have seen significant growth in the numbers of people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) joining the permanent nursing register.

The health and wellbeing and professional support of our entire workforce is a top priority and we work closely with groups and associations representing our international nurses and midwives – known as “diaspora groups” – to ensure that these staff have the pastoral and professional support they need.

This collaboration promotes services to NHS staff and works to advance the pastoral and professional support available to them, as well as the health and wellbeing of international nurses in the NHS. These associations also play a vital role in supporting the International Recruitment programme by providing data and insight that allows us to better understand the needs of our international nurses and midwives, and supports communities to be heard.

Diaspora group organisations

If you are an international nurse or midwife and would like to find out more about the support available, please find a community that’s relevant to you below.

Association Isabel Zendal: Association of Spanish Nurses and Health Workers working in the UK C.I.C

Email: WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Association of South African Nurses, UK

Email: info@asanuk.comWebsite

Association of South Asian Midwives


Association of Zambian Nurses, UK

Email: | TwitterFacebook

British Arab Nursing and Midwifery Association, UK

Email: | WebsiteTwitter

British Indian Nurses Association (BINA)

Email: admin@binauk.orgWebsiteTwitterFacebook

British Sikh Nurses

Email: rohitsagoo@googlemail.comWebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Cameroon Nurses Association UK

Email: Info@Camnursesuk.orgWebsite

Caribbean Nurses and Midwives Association UK (CNMA UK)


Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation (CNMF)

Email: | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Filipino Nurses Association United Kingdom (FNA)


Gambia Healthcare Matters UK (GHM UK)

Email: info@gambiahealthcarematters.orgWebsiteTwitterFacebook

Ghana Nurses Association (GNA UK)

Email: | Website

Hellenic British Midwives Association


Hong Kong Nursing Association UK

Email: | WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Italian Nurses and Midwives Association – UK

Email: | TwitterFacebook

Ivorian Association for Health


Kenyan Nurses and Midwives Association UK (KENMA-UK)

Email: info@kenmauk.orgWebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

Mauritian Nurses and Health Care Professionals UK

Email: s.pavaday@nhs.netTwitter

Malawian-UK Nurses Association for Advancement (MUNAA)


Nepalese Nursing Association UK (NNAUK)

Email: | WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK (NNCAUK)

Email: | WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Nurses Association of Jamaica UK (NAJ UK)

Email: | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Pakistan Nurses and Midwives Association of the United Kingdom (PNMA-UK)

Email: | Website | Twitter

Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNAUK)

Email: | WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Portuguese Nurses Association


Refugee Nurses Association


Society of African Caribbean Midwives

Email: SoACmidwivesUK1@gmail.comTwitter

Sri Lankan Nurses Association


Uganda Nurses Midwives Association (UNMA-UK)

Email: unmauk@gmail.comWebsiteTwitterFacebook

UK Tibetan Nurses Association

Email: | Twitter

Union of UK Malayalee Associations (UUKMA) Nurses Forum

Email: | WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Zimbabwean Midwives And Nurses Association (ZIMNA)

Email: | WebsiteTwitterFacebook

Case studies

Fatima Ghaouch is a midwife at Northampton General hospital, who was able to get support and advice through the Association of South Asian Midwives (ASAM) when she joined the NHS:

“ASAM played an important role in supporting my mental wellbeing, they helped me understand all the doors available for support, they encouraged me to look into professional development opportunities and they continue to support me to build the confidence and courage to pursue these”.

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