Nursing and Midwifery Excellence

As part of Nursing and Midwifery Excellence, NHS England and NHS Improvement are supporting the first national cohort of organisations to go on to apply to join the global Pathway to Excellence® accreditation.

The Pathway to Excellence® programme is a ‘nursing excellence’ framework, aiming to create a positive practice environment for nursing staff that improves nurse satisfaction and retention. The Pathway to Excellence® programme aligns closely with CNO’s national vision to establish an England-wide collective leadership model with a focus on transformational leadership, research and innovation:

“One of my key priorities as CNO is to empower all nurses, midwives and care staff to be involved in shared decision-making and collective leadership within their organisations. Every single one of us has experience and influence that can be used to effect change and to contribute to delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. The Pathway to Excellence® programme is recognised globally as enabling nursing excellence, instilling a strong sense of professional pride and offers proven strategies to help ensure that the care that we deliver to our patients and populations is of the highest calibre”.

Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England.

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