National latent tuberculosis infection testing and treatment programme

The national latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) testing and treatment programme (the LTBI programme) has been in place since 2015/16 and is a key part of the Tuberculosis (TB) Action Plan

The LTBI programme tests new entrants to the UK based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • born or spent more than 6 months in a high TB incidence country (≥150/100,000 or Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • entered the UK within the last 5 years (including entry via other countries)
  • aged between 16 – 35 years.
  • no previous history of TB or LTBI
  • not previously screened for LTBI in the UK

The LTBI programme is funded by NHS England and implemented locally by ICSs. ICS LTBI programmes are delivered through the following models:

  • primary care-based testing/primary care-based treatment
  • primary care-based testing with treatment in secondary care or community care-based TB services
  • secondary or community care-based TB services for LTBI testing and treatment
  • a combination of the above

The programme is monitored and evaluated by NHS England based on data submitted to and reported on by UKHSA to NHS England and LTBI programme partners.

Guidance has been developed and provided to support the LTBI programme for ICSs and their LTBI programme partners by NHS England and UKHSA. This guidance is being updated and some guidance is historical but may still be useful.

Information and advice on the LTBI programme can be accessed by emailing NHS England and UKHSA at and respectively.


To support ICSs, LTBI treatment programme providers and patients, NHS England has supported the development of resources including:

There are also resources available on the TB Alert website: