Safe, sustainable and productive staffing for neonatal care and children and young people’s services

Improvement resources to help standardise safe, sustainable and productive staffing decisions in neonatal care and children and young people’s services.

These improvement resources have been designed by service users and a multidisciplinary group of health professionals to be used by those involved in setting, approving and deploying the clinical establishment for nurses working in neonatal care and with children and young people, from the ward manager/sister/charge nurse to the board of directors.

The purpose of these resources is to help providers of NHS-commissioned services, boards and executive directors to support their lead nurses working in neonatal care and with children and young people implement safe staffing.

The resources outline a systematic approach for identifying the organisational, managerial and clinical setting factors that support safe staffing of neonatal care and services for children and young people.

Previous research

The improvement resource for children and the young people’s services builds on standards and recommendations from the Royal College of Nursing (2013), Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (2014), Paediatric Intensive Care Society (2015) and Care Quality Commission (2015). While the neonatal improvement resource builds on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence quality standard (QS4) for neonatal specialist care (2010), the DH Toolkit for high quality neonatal services (2009) and the third edition of the British Association of Perinatal Medicine’s service standards for hospitals providing neonatal care (2010).

When using these resources, you should also refer to the National Quality Board’s (NQB) 2016 Safe staffing resource Supporting NHS providers to deliver the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time