Zara’s story

Another Maternity Pioneer site gave Zara more access and choice to the type of birth she wanted to have.

Zara wanted to give birth in a particular suite at one of the Pioneer sites which offered use of a birthing pool. She was told ‘no’ for her first child as she was classed as high risk as her religion meant that in the event of an emergency, she wouldn’t accept a blood transfusion.

Zara was assigned a midwife to ensure continuity of care for her second birth, who had received the pioneer training on offering women ‘choice’ to meet their needs and preferences. Zara’s midwife knew how much she wanted to use the birthing pool suite, so she made the case by considering all the benefits and risks and how they could be addressed with her medical colleagues, including the Consultant Midwife, gave the final sign-off.

Giving Zara the birth that she wished for had a profound effect on her overall birthing experience.

Zara said:  “The whole experience of using the birthing suite with the pool was so much nicer. I was very pleased I was able to do this and the support I had from my assigned midwife really helped. I  felt so comfortable talking to her about my options and we really built up a good rapport with each other. The staff were so lovely and I felt the care and attention given to us was amazing!”