Dental recall priorities for children

The below table is a tool to support the implementation of National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recall guidance CG19 when dental teams are prioritising their recall lists of child patients. It has been produced by the Chief Dental Officer England to assist dental professionals.

All risk assessment and recall should be undertaken in line with NICE guidance. Dental professionals are strongly encouraged to read the guidance in full in ‘Appendix G – Implementing the Clinical Recommendations – selecting the appropriate recall interval for an individual patient’.

Dental recall priorities for children

RED – High priority for recall

AMBER – Intermediate priority for recall

GREEN – Lower priority for recall

Safeguarding concerns Children with known safeguarding concerns such as Looked After Children or children with a Child Protection Plan.
Medical history Children with a medical condition where active
dental infection may have
an impact on their health
e.g. diabetes, epilepsy.
Children and young people with conditions that may increase the impact of dental disease on the child or their family e.g. learning disabilities or autism.
Last known documented recall interval Children and young people who are on a 3/12 recall. Children and young people on a 6/12 recall. Children and young people on a 9/12 and yearly recall.
Sibling experience of urgent dental care If a child presents needing urgent dental care all siblings should be brought in on recall.
History of trauma Children who have sustained significant traumatic injury
to the permanent dentition
in the last 12 months such
as luxation injuries, enamel/dentine +/- pulp injuries.
Children who have sustained traumatic injury to the primary dentition in the last 12 months.


Children who have sustained minor trauma to the permanent dentition in the last 12 months such as subluxation, enamel fracture, concussion.
Age of patient Children under the age of 2 years. Children between the ages of 2-5 years. Children and young people aged 6 years and over.
Interval since last clinical examination Children under active recall who have not had a face-to-face examination in over 12 months. Children with a past history of dental disease and more than 6 months overdue for face-to-face review.
Last course of treatment Band 2 and above provided in last year due to dental disease.  



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