Special schools eye care service

The special schools eye care service has been running as a proof-of-concept since May 2021 and is currently live in 83 schools, this is due to end in March 2024.  On the 19 June 2023 the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England issued a joint statement to confirm that sight testing in special schools would be expanded into all special school settings from April 2024.

NHS England has produced an engagement document, In school eye testing for pupils in special schools in England, along with the Special schools eye care proof-of-concept evaluation report which was conducted in October/November 2022. Both documents provide some background to the service along with proposals for how the future model can be amended in order to build upon the beneficial and positive aspects of the proof of concept.

Any feedback from the engagement document can be sent to us using the online response form, or alternatively you can email us direct at england.specialschooleyecareservice@nhs.net. All responses need to be received by 5:00pm on Monday 16 October.