Business Plan

Each year we publish our Business Plan which sets out our goals and priorities for the year ahead.

On 31 March 2017 we published the ‘Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View’ (‘Next Steps’) in partnership with national NHS leaders.

‘Next Steps’ outlines measures to deliver practical improvements in cancer care, mental health and access to GPs. It also details an accelerated drive to improve efficiency and speed up the use of technology to deliver better patient care and meet the rising demand on NHS services within the limits of available resources.

2018/19 Business Plan

In addition to this NHS England has published ‘NHS England Funding and Resource 2018-19: Supporting ‘Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View’. This is a supporting document for the ‘Next Steps’ in which we specifically describe how our workforce and funding will support the continued transformation of local health and care services.

We also explain how we will reduce inequalities between patients, both in terms of access to services and outcomes, and how patients are informed, involved and consulted in the development, improvement and delivery of services.