Business Plan

On 7 January 2019 we published The NHS Long Term Plan in partnership with national NHS leaders. It describes the funding pledges and the support that NHS England and NHS Improvement will provide to the system to turn the ambitions in the plan into improvements in services across the country. It builds on and takes us forward from the Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View (Next Steps).

To complement these long term ambitions for improvement and plans to meet them, NHS England has published annually a supplementary annex to provide further information on the year ahead and cover those statutory duties for which it is obliged to describe further plans. In light of closer working, this year NHS England working with NHS Improvement have jointly published their annex titled NHS England and NHS Improvement funding and resource 2019/20: supporting ‘The NHS Long Term Plan’. This document sets out NHS England’s and NHS Improvement’s funding and resource for 2019/20 that will support the transition from Next Steps to The NHS Long Term Plan. It sets out how NHS England and NHS Improvement will distribute funding, people and resources, to transform local health and care systems.

It also explains how we will reduce inequalities between patients, both in terms of access to services and outcomes, and how we will keep patients informed, involved and consulted in the development, improvement and delivery of services.