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The quality markers ask six questions that can be used by general practices to demonstrate how effective they are in recognising and supporting carers.

The scheme has been recognized as good practice by the Care Quality Commission.

The quality markers are voluntary. However, there are a number of benefits for carers, for the people being cared for, and for practices themselves, that can be achieved by participating in this scheme.

More details on these benefits are included on the attached summary of benefits.

Carers have told NHS England that the support they receive is variable.

The quality markers will help general practice be more consistent in identifying carers and taking positive steps to promote their health and wellbeing.

No. Participation in this scheme can help practices realise a number of health, social and financial benefits through improving the support they offer to carers.

More details on these benefits are included on the attached summary of benefits.

In order to avoid duplication of work, we suggest that existing approaches are reviewed by the CCG/GP practice against the six quality markers to assess whether all aspects of identification and support are adequately covered, and schemes revised as appropriate.

We are asking practices to answer six questions to demonstrate how they go about supporting carers. Next to each question are some practical ideas that practices can do to help develop the support they give to carers.

By choosing at least two practical things for each of the six questions, practices will be able to demonstrate that they are caring and supportive towards carers.

By completing the online declaration, selecting which practical ideas from the drop-down list have been used to support carers. Where a practice has done something not listed, it should tick the “other” box for each question and add the details of what has been done.

We are proposing that general practices can either review themselves or review each other, using the online return to declare how they meet each of the six quality markers. A practice may wish to involve its Patient Participation Group or, where capacity allows, the local carers support organisation in this work, in which cases this can be included as an additional action the practice has taken.

No, we do not wish to stifle innovation! Where an individual practice is doing other things to support carers these should be included under the relevant quality marker on the online worksheet.

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