Cervical Screening

Cervical Sample Taker Code Application Form

There is a register application form available to all cervical screening sample takers (please note that you need to be on an N3 connection to access this form).

Clinical Practice Guidance for assessment of women aged 20 – 24 with abnormal vaginal bleeding

This guidance provides information on how to assess young women with abnormal vaginal bleeding, in a clinical or primary care setting.

NICE Guideline NG23 – Menopause diagnosis and management

This guideline covers the diagnosis and management of menopause, including in women who have premature ovarian insufficiency. The guideline aims to improve the consistency of support and information provided to women in menopause.

NHS England South (South West) Mental Capacity Act/Learning Disability Guidance: Cease from screening – lack of capacity

The guidance has been created using guidance from the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) to assist screening practitioners and carers when considering the appropriateness of deferring a women, without the capacity to make their own decision about cervical screening.

Cervical Screening Programme overview

The Cervical Screening Programme overview provides a description of the NHS cervical screening programme, including evidence on screening for cancer and HPV for women over 25.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – information for health care professionals

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust provides information, best practice guidelines and relevant links for you and your patients on all aspects of cervical cancer and its prevention.


For more information please contact the South West Screening and Immunisation Team england.southwestscrimms@nhs.net