The South West Vaccination and Screening Team (VaST) are responsible for commissioning the national vaccination and immunisation services to achieve the standards set out under the section 7A agreement.

Following the recent Secretary of State reform announcement on ambitions for a new approach to vaccination, NHS England are developing an integrated vaccination and immunisation strategy that builds on the learning from COVID-19 and the foundations of other immunisation programmes.  Working in partnership with all providers, local authorities, voluntary and community sector leaders and communities themselves, NHS England have designed a future model that will maximise uptake, reduce unwarranted variation and help people protect themselves and their families.

Immunisation programmes

Childhood Immunisation Programmes

Childhood Immunisation Best practice guide (content to follow)

Hexavalent (6-in-1)

Hepatitis B

  • (content to follow)

Men B


Urgent Measles Testing: Oral Fluid Kit testing instructions

PCV, Hib & Men C

  • (content to follow)


 Useful Information

Adult Vaccination Programmes

NHS England Adult immunisations toolkit

  • (content to follow)


  • (content to follow)

Pertussis in Pregnant Women

  • (content to follow)



School Aged Vaccination Programmes


Meningococcal ACWY & Td/IPV                                                                                                

Relevant Chapters from the Greenbook for the adolescent immunisations programme


Relevant chapter from the Greenbook for the school-based influenza programme


SAI Pathways

Vaccine Guidance

Ardens Guidance

CHIS Toolkit

  • (Content to follow)

CQRS (Calculating Quality Reporting Service)

GP Contract


Business Rules Guidance

Cold chain guidance

  • (Vaccine incident guidance, include page numbers for cold chain, incident guidance, off label leaflets, protocol for ordering, storing, and handling vaccines, vaccine storage and fridges in GP practices, keep your vaccines healthy) – (Content to follow)


Promotional Resources

Data Sources

Outbreak Management Guidance

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