Seven interconnected principles

We offer seven interconnected principles, based on a new spread and adoption mindset, along with a way to apply the principles in practice. Use these interconnected principles, developed from existing knowledge and experience, to help you spread and adopt complex innovations and improvements.

Principles to enable spread and adoption


Seven interconnected principlesThe seven interconnected principles are:


The following pages explain what we know of each principle and its relevance for spread and adoption. The pages also contain questions to consider and tools and information that may help when focusing on that principle. There are also further resources included for more information.

How to use the seven interconnected principles

The principles can be used by individuals, or by a team, and at all levels; local, regional and national and settings where the spread and adoption of complex change is needed. These interconnected principles should be used to inform planning and to inform ongoing reviews.

These seven principles are interconnected and each will have a different importance and require different actions in different settings.

It requires the skill of local leaders to apply these interconnected principles to create an approach to match the individual situation and to move from a planning mindset, alone, towards an enabling one which embraces emergence, flexibility and uncertainty.

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