Further resources

These resources, grouped by section, provide more detail so you can learn more and develop a deeper understanding of the topics to help you apply your knowledge to practice.

The following resources informed the development of the new spread and adoption mindset, the seven interconnected principles and a way of leading to apply them in practice, combined with experience from NHS staff.


This section will help you increase your understanding of complexity, what that means for your work in the NHS and how to work with complexity including adaptive spaces and complexity frameworks .


This section includes explanation of spread, models of spread used in healthcare, frameworks and guides to help you enable spread that is sustained.

Leading and connecting across systems

This section describes a way of leading, the role of networks and the need for personal growth to lead complex change


This section covers related topics of energy, psychological safety, agency and growth and provides insights to behaviour change and the role of peer leadership.


This section covers the importance of an underpinning learning system and opportunities for developing skills

Key reports

These reports provide important insights to the topic of spread and adoption of innovations in health and social care. Most contain an extensive bibliography and have detailed case studies illustrating the key findings shared in the report.

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