NHS 111 Statistics – April 2014

The latest data for April 2014 comprises all 45 NHS 111 service sites.

a.    In April, there were 1,080,893 calls offered to the NHS 111 service, with 1,025,302 (95%) calls were from people directly dialling 111, and 55,591 calls came through other numbers. Scaled up, this would represent 13.2 million calls per year and 36 thousand per day across England to the NHS 111 service.

b.    In April 2014, of all calls offered 1.4% were abandoned after waiting longer than 30 seconds. Of all calls answered, 93.3% were answered within 60 seconds.

c.    The average episode length of a call in April 2014 was 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

d.    Of all calls answered in April 2014, 84.5% received triage. Calls not triaged include when callers are referred on to another service, or given health information and do not need to be triaged, or when callers abandon the call before triage could start.

e.    Of all calls answered in April 2014, 8.7% were offered a call back. Of those where a call back was offered, 51.2% were called back within 10 minutes.

f.     For calls in April 2014, 30.7% of call time was handled by clinical staff.

g.   This publication includes new data from NHS 111 providers’ service satisfaction questionnaires, collated by NHS England every six months. The new results mean that, from when the service began, up until 31 March 2014, 69% of respondents were very satisfied, 20% fairly satisfied, 4% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 6% dissatisfied.

Statistical Note
Download NHS 111 Statistical Note for April 2014 (DOC, 706KB)

Excel Data
Download MDS April 2014 National (XLS, 506KB)

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CSV Data
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Publication Timetables
Download 2013-14 NHS_111 MDS Publication Timetable (DOCX, 16KB)

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Download MDS 111 Guidance V0.9 (DOC, 940KB)

Pre-release Access List
Download Pre-Release Access List NHS 111 6th June 2014 (DOCX, 19KB)

Google PDE Application
You can also access the NHS111 dataset from the Google PDE link below, this graphically represents the call level data from all 111 sites.

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