The Health Inequalities Improvement Dashboard

The Health Inequalities Improvement Dashboard builds on our learning from the COVID-19 pandemic around the importance of good quality data to provide insights to drive improvements in tackling health inequalities.

Whilst several individual tools exist, the Health Inequalities Improvement Dashboard provides key strategic indicators relating to health inequalities all in one place.

The dashboard measures, monitors, and informs actionable insight to make improvements to narrow health inequalities. It covers the five priority areas for narrowing health inequalities in the 2021-22 planning guidance. It also covers data relating to the five clinical areas in our Core20PLUS5 approach.

By providing data cut by ethnicity and deprivation, the dashboard will enable the NHS to take concerted action to improve health inequalities.

Accessing the Health Inequalities Improvement Dashboard

The process for dashboard access is through the Equality and Health Inequalities Network – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform. Click on the ‘Health Inequalities Improvement Dashboard’ tab to see a process for instructions of how to access the dashboard.

The dashboard is available to regions, systems, primary care networks, NHS providers and local authorities to see their own local data. A letter was issued to the system on 25 November 2021.

We are keen to ensure that our dashboard continues to be designed and developed in co-production with our users, and fulfils the three tests of any good dashboard:

  • Accessibility – everyone who needs the data, can access the dashboard, and use it.
  • Functionality – the function of the dashboard is to host data on the five health inequalities strategic priorities and the CORE20PLUS5 approach.
  • Usability – the dashboard is used across the NHS and the wider system to provide actionable insights to tackle health inequalities.

For further enquiries about the Health Inequalities Improvement dashboard, email