What we’re doing

NHS England’s press release of July 31 summarised the proposed action and some initial responses

CQC response made clear the support of regulators

The minutes of the July EDC summarise the discussion

NHS England will be launching a consultation on the NHS Standard Contract which will include the clause referring to the Race Equality Standard and the equality delivery System on October 27. It will be published here.

An informal stakeholder consultation was held for three weeks in August/September and came out strongly in favour of mandating the Standard and EDS. Further consultation on the Race Equality Standard and how it might be refined and further research on the implications of mandating EDS2 are underway.

Four consultation events are underway in October 2014

Download the PowerPoint Presentation.

A more extensive range of events of the Equality Delivery Scheme are also underway.

You can find more detail on the EDS2.