About AHPs into Action

The AHPs into Action framework expires at the end of 2021. Please visit The Allied Health Professions strategy for England: AHPs deliver to find out more about how our new strategy will provide strategic direction to the AHP community across England. 

AHPs into Action is the national framework and strategy focusing on the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in transforming health, care and wellbeing.

The 14 Allied Health Professions form the third largest clinical workforce in health and care. The breadth of AHPs’ skills and their reach across people’s lives and organisations makes them ideally placed to lead and support change and improvement.

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About the framework

AHPs into Action describes how they can support the delivery of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships. It is a resource to inform, support and inspire AHPs, leaders and decision makers across the health and care system, offering:

  • A clear view of the potential of AHPs
  • Over 50 examples of innovative AHP practice
  • A framework to help develop local delivery plans.

The framework was produced using national policy priorities, current evidence, engagement with senior leaders, and crowdsourcing the views of patients, carers, the public, and health and care staff. Over 16,000 contributions were submitted through our online workshop in 2016.

Implementing AHPs into Action

Implementing AHPs into Action is a four-year programme, with a range of support offers to support AHPs and decision makers.

A Digital Framework for Allied Health Professionals

Enabling AHPs to use information and technology is one of 4 priorities in AHPs into Action. A Digital Framework for Allied Health Professionals – Key foundations for future clinical practice supports local services and AHPs to make that happen and works towards services that are both paper-free at the point of care and connected to other services and systems.

AHPs into Action on Cancer

AHPs contribute to cancer care across the cancer pathway. This Quick Guide highlights the contribution of AHPs to implementing the cancer strategy and  improving both cancer outcomes and quality of life.

AHPs into Action- Enhancing Health in Care Homes

AHPS can make significant contributions to the health and care of people living in care homes. This Quick Guide: to allied health profession enhancing health in care homes highlights the contribution of AHPs in supporting the Enhancing Health in Care homes framework.  The NHS Long Term Plan includes roll out the Enhancing Health in Care Homes Framework, as one of 4 strategic priorities for community health services. It includes an upgrade of NHS support to all care home residents, including a focus on nutrition, hydration with support from the right professionals when they have been unwell, including rehabilitation.  This quick guide will support service leaders in meeting these ambitions and enable AHPs to work in partnership with those working in care homes to improve the health and quality of life of their residents.

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