Allied Health Professions

Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are a diverse group of practitioners who deliver high quality care to patients by carrying out assessment, diagnosis, treatment and discharge, across a range of settings in the NHS, Local Authorities, independent and voluntary sectors, breaking down organisational boundaries.

Their aim is to further improve services provided by AHPs to achieve better outcomes for patients after illness and injury.

They are well-placed to innovate and develop new models of care, for example, integration across health and social care.

AHPs are the third largest group of practitioners who, in the main, are first contact practitioners. In the NHS alone they account for 1 in 10 staff.

AHPs are:

Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s role

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) leads the development of the vital contribution from the AHPs. The CAHPO works alongside colleagues inside and outside NHS England, as the senior adviser to Ministers and the Department of Health on AHP matters, as well as representing England’s care professionals on the international stage.

Keep in touch

You can keep in touch by following Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer on Twitter @SuzanneRastrick and Shelagh Morris, Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions Officer @ShelaghDCAHPO.

You may also wish to follow @WeAHPs a virtual sharing platform for all professions, connecting, driving and supporting the Allied Health Professionals community through #WeAHPs tweet chats and social media resources.