Allied Health Professions into Action

Using Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to transform health, care and wellbeing

‘AHPs into Action’ is a vision of how, with collective action, our nation would be different if all AHPs were used effectively. Aimed at leaders and decision makers, to help them understand the transformative potential and role of AHPs within the health, social and wider care system.

‘AHPs into Action’ describes how AHPs can support the delivery of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and the pursuit of the triple aim in the Five Year Forward View. It is a resource to inform and inspire AHPs, leaders and decision makers across the health and care system, offering:

  • A clear view of the transformative potential of AHPs.
  • Fifty three examples of innovative AHP practice.
  • A framework to help develop local delivery plans.

‘AHPs into Action’ defines how AHPs can support the delivery of the triple aim by describing how England would be different if AHPs were genuinely used effectively (part one) and what they need to stop, start or do differently to make this happen (part two). It describes the:

  • Impact of the effective and efficient use of AHPs for people and populations.
  • Commitment to the way services are delivered.
  • Priorities to meet the challenges of changing care needs.

Why ‘AHPs into Action’?

The driver for this is the recognition across the system that there is collective action that AHPs could take to support the delivery of what will be required in the future health, social and wider care landscape of England.

How was ‘AHPs into Action’ developed?

Through engagement with AHP professional bodies, there was agreement that gains can be made for all AHPs – and the care system more broadly – by working together towards common goals and challenges.

There was also agreement that this focus ought to be derived and defined further through a wide ranging engagement with AHPs nationally.

It was decided that collective engagement was needed to make sure AHPs had the opportunity to have their voice heard to shape such a mandate and that service users, the public and wider stakeholders were equally important in this process.

It has been co-produced using data and evidence; a review of national policy documents and publications; engagement and involvement from senior leaders across the system. Over 16,000 contributions were submitted from patients, carers, the public, and health and care staff including AHPs, through a process of crowdsourced via an online platform.

Implementing ‘AHPs into Action’

‘AHPs into Action’ offers the system the authority to act. To support AHPs transform care, improve services and have a continued focus on efficiency, leaders across the system will need to play a part in its delivery:

  • The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) as the most senior officer in England for AHPs.
  • System leaders, whether they are employed in provider, commissioner, HEI or other organisations, responsible for decision making.
  • AHPs who deliver services to citizens, in roles funded by the taxpayer.

Further details regarding specific responsibilities for each of these key leadership groups can be found in ‘AHPs into Action’ page 23.

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Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s role

The Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO) leads the development of the vital contribution from the AHPs. The CAHPO works alongside colleagues inside and outside NHS England, as the senior adviser to Ministers and the Department of Health on AHP matters, as well as representing England’s care professionals on the international stage.

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